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Who I Am

Home is where the heart is...

Outside of being your Luxury Christmas Tree & Holiday Home Decorator,

I AM...


The Mom of an amazing son serving our country (Army Proud)

The Grandmother of two adorable grandsons

The Wife to an incredible man for 6 years (together 15 years)

That Universal Studios family who goes numerous times (including Halloween Horror Nights)

An Optimist and hard worker

An aspiring home interior decorator

An influencer / motivator

Strong believer in working hard to achieve your dreams / goals... If you want it, go get it!!

For me, "Home" is the place we spend the majority of our time in with friends and family especially during the holiday season.  Since I was a little girl, Christmas has always been my favorite holiday past time because of all the beautiful decorations and once I became a teenager I've had this knack for decorating. First, I began helping my Mom decorate the house, then I started decorating my own home.  After that, I began helping friends decorate their homes, etc. or merely giving them ideas on what to do or what to add where to make their home extra special.  Decorating is just something that has always come naturally to me simply because I just love putting it all together...

When it comes to decorating, there's nothing I love and enjoy more than decorating for the holidays because it's so magical.  From decorating the Christmas Tree, to decorating the Living Room and Dining Room areas of a home... the possibilities are endless.  I take GREAT pride in the services I provide and offer a personalized experience to each of my clients offering that one-of-a-kind look.

So many people love what I do and encouraged me to share it with others so I'd love to bring the magic of the holidays to YOU!! 

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