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Meet The Team



Junior Interior Designer

Anna joins Red's Holiday Decor as a Junior Interior Decorator who has assisteed on numerous projects and has created beautiful decor (centerpieces & ornaments from scratch) makes her an amazing asset to the RHD team and we're glad to have her.


-Lori Ann-

Owner / Designer

Lori Ann is known for her passion and creative touch.  Her love for the holiday season is reflected in each of the beautiful displays she puts together.  Working with several top home builders and discussing the design plans in their display homes gave her creative insight.  She has a keen eye for creating that unique look which captures the hearts of all her clients and brings them back again & again.



Holiday Installation Expert

Patrick comes to RHD with tons of experience with construction.  He is a perfectionist and the fact that he is a custom home builder himself he knows every inch of how a home is put together and how to create that unique look.

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