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Booking Process

  1. Complete our Customized Order Form to tell us what services you'd like (; once completed someone will reach out to you within 72hrs

  2. Once we've discussed what services you like you will put down a $100 deposit to secure your install (the deposit will be put towards the final cost of your complete installation)

  3. Call 407-714-0043 or email to schedule your FREE in home consultation.  Someone will contact you within 24 hrs to set-up a date & time to meet in person

  4. I will personally come meet with you at your residence to discuss creating a Decorating Design Plan that accents the unique features of your home and go over your thoughts and ideas. We can decorate just your Christmas tree or we can decorate anything else you'd like; the options are endless and based on your budget.

  5. Approximately 1-2 weeks after your in-home consultation a Christmas Decorating Plan will be created and an estimated invoice will be sent to you for your review

  6. Once we've received your approval we will schedule you in and add you to our Decorating Calendar

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